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Schools in Mitooma District


The sector mandate is to provide technical advice to the farming, business community and leaders so as to increase household incomes, food security and nutrition to enhance their socio-economic status. The sector is composed of agriculture, veterinary, entomology, fisheries and vermin control. The sector in partnership with UCA, ACPCU (Ankole Coffee Producers Cooperative Union) and Banyankole Kweterana Cooperative Union provides support to cooperative marketing groups and coffee marketing.

Matooke is the most widely grown crop in all the sub counties of the district. The major cash crop is coffee where by every household produces at least 20 kgs of coffee once a year. Kiyanga and Kanyabwanga sub counties are currently good at growing rice. Bitereko is famous for tea whose potential needs to be exploited further. Food security crops (cassava, irish potatoes and sweet potatoes) are currently grown in small acreages by a few of the households. The major livestock kept include cattle, goats, sheep, pigs, Fish, poultry and apiary. Most of the cattle are 1st and 2nd cross-breeds, majority of the goats and poultry are local breeds and are kept on a small scale