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Mitooma District was curved out of Bushenyi District and became operational effective 1st July 2010. It has a population of 185,519 (National Housing and Population Census report, 2014); projected population of 194,300(National Bureau Statistics, 2020) and total land size of 543.9 square kilometres. It boarders with the following Districts; Bushenyi and Sheema in the east, Ntungamo in the south, Rukungiri in the west and Rubirizi in the north; The District headquarters are located about 15 kilometers on the Ishaka -Rukungiri road. Mitooma District has one county (Ruhinda), three constituencies (Ruhinda, Ruhinda North &South), 11 sub counties and 5 town councils.


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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Mitooma District entirely depends on modern farming as its main economic activity. i.e crop growing and animal rearing. Major crops grown include; bananas, coffee, maize, sugarcane, tea, cassava, potatoes, fruits among others. Major animals reared include; cattle, goats, poultry, piggery. Other economic activities are; fish farming, brick making, hand craft making, stone quarrying, lumbering (on a small scale), commercial trading activities, mining (in Mayanga), agro processing (those who make wines)

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Wednesday, October 7, 2020
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